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Sometimes you come across visuals that hold the fundamental power to change the way you see things.

  • Case Bound Brochures
  • Die-Cutting
  • Lamination
  • Packaging
  • Paper Carrier Bags
  • Paper-Over-Board Folders

Case Bound Brochures

The most common type of book binding for hard cover books is case binding which enables your brochure to be durable.

Case Bound Brochures offers a quality impression and is becoming more and more popular because it is designed to last.

Our experience in this specialised field is extensive and we would be delighted to present examples of our work and discuss how we may assist your brochure project.

Many case bound brochures are produced so beautifully that they are often left on table tops, reception areas and board rooms to act as ‘live’ magazines. They will give your brochure longevity and class, priceless in a market where literature is often recycled before it even meets its destination.

Die Cutting

All good print companies understand that precision die-cutting is crucial to the finished presentation of your printed material.

Even the best design can be ruined due to an ill filling pocket, too small capacity or badly aligned margins.

Our experience in crafting accurate dies combined with our quality finishing equipment guarantees the perfect finished result and with our Kingsley Create team available at all times to offer their advice on how best to achieve the finishing result your project requires, there is no need for error.


We believe this is one of the easiest and least expensive methods of protecting and enhancing your printed material.

Both enhancing and protecting your finished printed product our extensive range of lamination services can effectively enhance and improve your project.

At Kingsley Print , we offer a variety of lamination including new environmental ones, uv varnishing and foil blocking techniques which can be introduced to give your material more dynamic effect.


Our dedicated finishing team have considerable experience in the creation and production of quality product packaging.

Quality bespoke packaging is an area where we can offer you considerable experience.

Whether you require your product to be bespoke or simply off-the-shelf, we would be delighted to show you samples of our work and discuss your packaging needs.

Paper Carrier Bags

We provide printed Paper Bags which can be used as a medium for advertising.

Kingsley Print have considerable experience in producing paper carrier bags for a variety of commercial and promotional applications and with companies becoming more globally aware, the plastic bag is rapidly being replaced by its paper rival.

Employing a wide range of finishes and handle options , contact us for advice and guidance on lead times of production.

Paper-Over-Board Folders

The impact of a high quality paper over board product can be dramatic.

The impact of a high quality paper over board product can be dramatic. Kingsley Print are well versed in producing prestige folders of this nature.

Quality print in partnership with crafted finishing techniques produced a finished result that gives a great impression that has impact whilst remaining financially viable.