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We try to create print solutions that exude the wow factor the instant you see it and the best part is nature doesn’t have to pay for it.

  • Lithographic
  • Digital
  • FSC
  • Large Format
  • Pull-up Banners
  • POP-UP Exhibition Systems

Lithographic Printing

Our team produce finished printed work to the very highest standards. Recent investment in the latest Heidelberg printing technologies enables consistent quality result delivered on time.
Our highly controlled working environment via computerised operating systems delivers a wide variety of printed products including;

  • Brochures
  • Leaflets
  • Flyers
  • Stationery
  • Point of sale material
  • Report and Accounts
  • Posters
  • Corporate folders
  • Postcards
  • Direct mail
  • General marketing literature

We have embraced colour management expertise to ISO12647 standards and on press colour control via  Prinect Inpress Control and also FOGRA 39. Everything possible is done to produce the best printed materials that are accurate and vibrant.


ISO12647 specifies a process control for the production of half-tone colour separations, proofing and final production prints. It is concerned purely with the offset lithographic process.


ISO12647 states the requirement to be met in the print process which include the colour of the solids and print substrate together with the tone value increase – otherwise known as dot gain.

In short, printing to ISO12647 standard equates to meeting both the LAB target colour values and the dot gain values for the process colours, whilst taking into account the paper type to be used.

Prinect Inpress Control automatically measure and controls colour and register on the fly and at speed. Integrated directly into the press, the measuring unit measures process colours, spot colours and register in the print control strip. Any corrections required are forwarded directly to the Prinect press centre for adjustment. The press does not need to be stopped for either make ready or monitoring of the production run. PIC achieves maximum productivity. Printing companies with frequent job changes, short runs and standardised jobs benefit from the strengths of this system.

Forschungsgellschaft Druck are a Research Association aimed at graphic technology. Its role is to support the print industry in areas of research, development and application and to relay their findings to the print industry for practical use.

Unlike the values set by ISO12647, FOGRA data sets are colour values that result from printing to specific conditions. Consequently it is perfect as a proofing standard which can be measured and certified whilst giving the advantage of providing accurate simulation of the print result in line with ISO12647.

Digital Printing

We provide customised digital printing services as per your requirements. It's fast, flexible and very cost effective for short print runs.

Kingsley Print have embraced digital print technologies that offer the ability to produce short run print projects and those that demand quick turnaround times. Speed without compromise is the distinct advantage that digital printing can offer and is the answer to any client’s prayers when time is of the essence.

Printed items can be personalised for greater impact and allows you to test the effectiveness of a print campaign prior to going in to full scale litho production. It is cost efficient for small runs and has given clients the opportunity to communicate their message direct to the recipient.

Digital printing has revolutionised the print world far beyond expectation and continues to develop year on year. It allows you to take control of what you need, when you need it and ensures that your marketing materials reflect the current trend.

Quick controlled quality – digital printing gives you back control in a world of ‘yesterday’.

FSC Printing

Our investment in new technology has supported our ambitions to provide a print process that has as little impact on the environment as possible.

FSC is an independent, non-governmental, not-for-profit organization established to promote the responsible management of the world’s forests.

In addition to superior quality print our computer to plate (CTP) process negates the requirement for film and a host of chemicals that are utilised elsewhere in the industry

Careful management of print consumables has lead to significant increase in recycling of paper and plates in particular and our extensive knowledge of recycled and environmentally friendly papers proves an invaluable resource for our client base.

Large Format Printing

Fulfilling a host of display requirements, Kingsley Print will manage your large format requests including posters and banners (both for internal and external use) which will give impact to your message. Clear, sharp quality reproductions with a wide variety of mounting options are available to you at extremely competitive prices.

Large format options offer a variety of materials at your disposal from canvas to vinyl, photographic paper to window film. Whatever your problem, we have the solution and together we can create the display to communicate your message effectively.

Pull-up Banners

Pull up banners are widely used as a promotional tool due to their portability for smaller presentations and can be used anywhere from hotel receptions and airports, to supermarkets and conference rooms.

These lightweight portable banners are designed to give you both maximum impact and affordability. Printed onto polyester coated material, the pull up banners make exhibition displays a cost effective addition to your marketing strategy.

Our standard pop-up size is 800mm wide x 2 metres high but bespoke sizes are available upon request.

Quite simply, impact and affordability in a portable format ready for your team.

POP-UP Exhibition systems

Pop-ups are in effect a ‘presentation in a drum’. Completely self contained they are lightweight with an integral wheeled transport system to enable them to be fully mobile by one person.

Perfect for large scale exhibitions and conferences, pop-ups give you eye-catching displays with long lasting effect.

Produced on a lightstock matt finish on the front and backed in grey – so that no light can penetrate the image – your design is printed in 4 colour process on our large format machine. It is then coated with a scratch resistant laminate for protection and durability.