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Kingsley Print & Design are committed to continual improvement and prevention of pollution. We will comply with all appropriate environmental legislation, regulations and any other requirements to which we subscribe as well as established best practice.

  • Kingsley O3
  • FSC C-O-C
  • ISO 14001

Kingsley Ozone

kingsley ozone

Our commitment and vision for continual improvement and prevention of pollution has been a major driving force within Kingsley Print. In fact, our dedication to this important issue has prompted us to introduce a totally new concept into the company.

To this end, we are excited to introduce KINGSLEY O3, a completely new and environmentally aware division that complies with all appropriate environmental legislation, regulations and established best practice.

This includes our aims to;

  • Reduce waste and landfill
  • Reduce chemical waste
  • Increase our use of FSC® paper stocks
  • Influence our customers and suppliers to reduce their environmental impact.

Kingsley O3 will guarantee an environmental division that will always quote on FSC papers. With regard to our clients’, the FSC logo may be used in all their printed materials produced, provided FSC paper has been selected as the paper of choice.

To further enhance our investment in the future from January 1st this year, we have teamed up with Revive papers to offer all our clients 50% recycled papers in either gloss, silk or uncoated papers as standard practice and at no additional cost to them.

Why use Revive 50?

Revive 50 contains 50% recycled fibre and 50% virgin fibre without the need to compromise on quality or cost, This enables the customer to pursue environmental responsibility at no extra cost.

  • 50% Virgin Fibre FSC Certified fulfils forestry responsibility
  • 50% De-inked post-consumer waste – helps to reduce landfill

All in all, Revive 50 uses less water and electricity. Better for you – Better for the environment!

Continuing with our crusade for the environment, we promise to use only vegetable based inks and at no stage in the print process will we use chemicals in plate production. The coatings that we use are already water based and all waste is recycled. Our energy is power factored to minimise the impact on the environment.

In December 2010, Kingsley O3 was further enhanced, when we took delivery of our new Heidelberg XL75 lithographic press, incorporating quicker running speeds, quality checks every two sheets, lower waste paper make-readies, reduced ink usage and quicker make readies, the new XL75 will reinforce our philosophy and aim to be an active participant in preserving our planet.

Further to our ideal, we actively participate in promoting the World Land Trust and its conception of carbon balanced paper, This in real terms, is a new way to reduce your carbon footprint.

Quite simply, by purchasing land from ecologically threatened areas, the carbon is locked which would otherwise be released because the protected forests are able to continue to absorb carbon from the atmosphere. This simple method has been proved to be one of the most cost effective and swiftest ways to preserve the rise in atmospheric CO2 and global warming. Save the forests and you save the planet.

The World Land Trust has already saved more than 260 acres of threatened forest and habitat. Kingsley O3 will therefore endeavour to pursue and support this partnership as an on-going project.

Kingsley is thoroughly committed to providing the highest environmental solutions for all our clients, from choice of substrate through to production. We can provide an environmental impact statement for revive products which show how much energy, water, wood etc has been saved utilising Revive versus virgin fibre products, This can be used on specific jobs or we can provide an annual certificate of saving so of resources.

If you are committed to the environment and our planet then Kingsley is your natural choice.


The Forest Stewardship Council® Chain of Custody Certification

The Forest Stewardship Council is an international organisation that brings people together to find solutions which promote responsible stewardship of the worlds’ forests and sets international standards for responsible forest management. Independent third parties who can certify forest managers and forest product producers for FSC standards may be accredited.

The FSC trademark has international recognition and its product label allows consumers to identify products that support the growth of responsible forest management.

The chain-of-custody certification is a guarantee about the production of FSC certified products. It is the path taken by raw materials from the forest to the consumer, including all stage of processing, transformation, manufacturing and distribution. Almost like a life story, the FSC label represents a promise being made to the consumer. Chain-of-custody standards are the proof FSC has to ensure that ‘promise’ is delivered.

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ISO 14001

The ISO14001 environmental management system promotes the utilisation of quality management systems: plan, implement, assess and improve.

In its individual capacity the organisation itself specifies its environmental protection objectives.

At Kingsley Print, our objective is to improve year on year and implement strategies and processes against which we can measure our performance and provide feedback to key personnel within the company.

Key elements to achieving our objectives are:
  • Full compliance with all relevant legal requirements , codes of practice and regulations
  • Encourage proactive response to government and other sponsored environmental initiatives
  • The organisation of our operation in order to minimise pollution and disturbance to our neighbours and the general public
  • The efficient use of materials and resources with particular regard to the long term sustainability of consumable items
  • The establishment of target to measure the continuous improvement in our environmental performance in key area
  • Regular management review of the content and implementation of environmental policy with the objective of achieving continuous improvement in performance through the ongoing establishment of best practice
  • Encourage the participation of our subcontractors, suppliers and clients in our environmental goals to improve our performance year-on-year
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